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About Us

During the main season Jet Black Jewellery is open between 10am and 6.00pm every day of the week including Sunday here in the inspiring village of Robin Hood’s Bay on the dramatic North Yorkshire Coast.  Whitby Jet, the finest quality jet worldwide, is to be found here on the Fossil Coast and at Jet Black Jewellery our role is to ensure a steady year round supply of quality jewellery both for the visitor to our shop and for the ever increasing numbers of people preferring to order by post or telephone.

This lignite, a distant relative of the diamond, is fascinating to both young and old.  A favourite of Queen Victoria, it is traced back to the Jurassic period and as jewellery in the form created here at Black Jet Jewellery it is now favoured by present day celebrities and “royals” as well as the general public. A valuable and attractive investment and memento or gift, we form jet into high quality studs, earrings, pendants and rings. Items are beautifully displayed in stylish leatherette presentation boxes and pendants for instance come complete with 925 sterling silver chains.

There is nowhere quite like this stretch of the Yorkshire Coast and whilst during the course of the last century in particular, a number of  cheaper imitations came on to the market, Whitby Jet is now seen as being incomparable and much sought after.

At Jet Black Jewellery we supply these unique quality items to tourists seeking either an unmatchable memento of their visit to this area or a birthday or Christmas gift for that very special someone in their lives. During the winter months when visitor levels drop substantially, we at Jet Black Jewellery strive to meet the demands of the online market and the range of jewellery available here is ideal for both male and female, young and old with the young in particular being proud of and fascinated by their jewellery item dating back to the Jurassic period!

So, at Jet Black Jewellery we welcome your enquiries on a year round basis and postal or telephone requirements complete with attractive leatherette.