Jet Black | Exquisite Whitby Jet Jewellery

The story of the precious stone Jet is as fascinating to the ear as the stone itself is to the eye when transformed by Jet Black Jewellery into exquisite and valuable pendants, rings, studs, earrings etc. Intriguingly the finest quality world wide of this much sought after Whitby Jet is to be found only along a dramatic seven mile stretch of the North Yorkshire coast….the Fossil Coast!  Dating back to the Jurassic period (so suddenly even children become fascinated!), the jewellery seen here for instance started life 180 million years ago as Monkey Puzzle trees which under immense pressure became fossilised.   Evolving eventually as the world famous Whitby Jet this lignite, a distant relative of the diamond enters the most impressive phase of its fascinating existence, in the creative hands of Jet Black Jewellery.

With Whitby, it’s Abbey and the Dracula connection just up the coast from here, Robin Hood’s Bay takes its name from the famous Nottingham brigand when he kept boats here in case he needed to make a hasty exit. Robin Hood and Dracula, like Father Christmas are of course fictional characters? Nevertheless, children of all ages visiting this area of Yorkshire are agog with the legends and tales that persist whilst the adults are equally transported by some of the most glorious scenery the country has to offer and the many truly picturesque villages scattered around; Robin Hood’s Bay being recognised justifiably as one of the most appealing in Great Britain.

Fictional characters apart, the Jurassic Age is fact and Jet is a uniquely attractive, valuable and tangible reminder of both this and of the tourists visit to this very special region of Yorkshire. Using present day technology though, you are invited to see Jet Black Jewellery’s current selection, and forward the Enquiry Form. They will then contact you, establish availability of the item, discuss payment and arrange delivery anywhere throughout the UK.  So, the problem of that very special birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift is solved to perfection by Jet Black Jewellery. Favoured by Queen Victoria but now transformed by the craftsmen of Jet Black Jewellery into much desired items of contemporary appeal you are joining celebrities and present day royalty as jet enthusiasts.

  • North Yorkshire coast – steeped in legend
  • Unique Jurassic jewellery
  • Valuable investment
  • Robin Hood’s Bay based
  • Jet Black Jewellery : craftsmen supreme
  • Whitby Jet, the finest jet world wide is here!
  • Contemporary jet favoured by celebrities/royalty
  • Jet-unique memento of a legendary area
  • Major credit/debit cards accepted
  • Delivery throughout the UK
  • Jet Black Jewellery was formed in 2004 with assistance from The Prince’s Trust